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Northern California
El Dorado County Sacramento County
Placer County
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Amador County
Yolo County
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Nevada County
El Dorado Hills
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Yuba City


Process Fees

* We make 4 attempt before we charge extra

* Prices are subject to change at any time. Please contact us for a quote.


Standard Service: Within 5 business days (not including one day for preparation of documents for El Dorado, Placer and Sacramento Counties). Allow 10 business days for all other counties in the state. Rush service is within 3 business days within the state. Same day service is available and is usually charged at the immediate/hourly rate.

Rush Service: Fees apply if services are to be attempted within 24 hours ( Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado Counties) 48 hours (everywhere else) of receipt of the document. Attempts will be made a minimum of once every 24 hours.

Immediate Service: Service within 2-4 hours of receipt of the document. Attempts continue at least once every 24 hours. Special rates apply if multiple attempts are to be made within a 24 hour time period.

Service of Writs: Service includes preparation of notice of levy, attachment of EWO(Earnings Withholding Order), opening file with sheriff, service of process and mailing; also includes preparation of proof of services, closing file with sheriff and returning all conformed copies to your attention.


We cannot provide any legal advice or direction for any service provided.


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Client Testimonials

Dear Kathy:
I wanted to thank you for the great job you did in getting our person served. I've worked with process servers throughout California, but your speed, dedication and professionalism have set the new standard for me in judging all the others. If you recall, my boss - not an attorney - has been fighting a civil suit for two years now. The judge ordered one of the defendants dismissed, but we still needed a deposition from him. And we needed it done before going into mediation. We tried handing the subpoena to the guy's attorney, but he couldn't "guarantee" that he was accepting service. (her thought, apparently, was that if the guy was no longer a defendant, then he was no longer representing him.) We had only one day left to get the guy served, and all we knew was that maybe he lived in Placerville. In a panic, I Googled "Placerville process servers", found A Better Process, and gave you a call. And I'm sure glad I did. In one afternoon you verified that the guy did live in Placerville, staked out the address until he came home from work and nailed him before he even got to her front door. My boss got a call from the guy's attorney that evening at 7:00 p.m. Thanks again Kathy. I'm going to tell everyone who may need process work done in or around El Dorado County to use you guys exclusively.


-David Anderson
Visalia, CA

"The name says it all. A Better Process has provided me with consistent, timely and incomparable service. My highest recommendation."


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